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By Kevin Luchmun is an online education concept that gives instant global access to Kevin Luchmun education. Kevin’s first truly independent educational programme is a passion project that focuses purely on teaching the craft to all levels of ability.

The twelve-part series dissects an eclectic range of styles that dominate current trends in men’s hair and gives an unrivalled insight into Kevin’s fashion-lead personal style. Videos are accompanied by step by step head sheets and the inspiration behind the distinctive looks.

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A modern take on the divisive yet resurgent mullet with extended length at the back and front. Texturising techniques, from point cutting to razor work, give the edgy style a softer look.

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An irregular, top-heavy cropped fringe. The disconnected longer length on top coupled with a low fade tapered at the nape area gives the style a certain sharpness.

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A traditional mid skin fade with a uniform cut on top.The fade has been stretched to give a seamless transition from skin to the longer length on top and finished with detailed razor work.

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A soft versatile cut. The style, suited to finer hair, uses C curvature to maintain weight in certain areas and create a thicker, fuller look.

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A soft, shaggy look. Ideal for thicker hair, the look utilises square graduation to remove weight internally and personalising techniques add a softness through the top and fringe.

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A 90s inspired cut. Working with C curvature creates a strong disconnection and scissor over comb throughout the sides and back gives a classic tailored finish.

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A longer, looser style. Disconnection at the crown and fringe maintains the narrowness of the shape and layers following the head’s curvature removes excess weight for a strong profile.

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A mid-length haircut. Multiple disconnections are used to create a full looking shape and graduation is kept low to maintain fullness and accentuate natural curl and movement.

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A style combination of sharpness and precision. The fully connected cut is created using a soft clipper fade and low graduation on top and paired with a precisely cut, detailed fringe.

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A fully-textured, razor cut. The use of a razor creates texture and encourages versatility. Utilising reverse graduation reduces weight and further increases definition and flow.

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A mid-length shape working with irregular sectioning patterns. Sectioning is used to separate the layers on top from layers underneath and texturising techniques give the longer style a masculine edge.

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A classic masculine look with strong square graduation. A disconnected fringe for length on top is connected to the back and sides and refined with a combination of personalising and texturising techniques.

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